Rampage, Inc. is a training and consulting group fanatical about helping sales organizations positively differentiate themselves and achieve great results. We believe the fastest way to achieve success is to concentrate on improving the critical behaviors that differentiate platinum sales pros from the average sales pro. We’re committed to changing salespeople’s behavior so that they can change their customers’ behavior.

  • Sales Management and Coaching – Helping managers drive sales performance
  • Presentations – One-on-one, small group, and large audience skill development
  • Sales Meetings – Designing and implementing dynamic meetings
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment – Making product launches more successful

Leadership Team

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Our Beliefs

Sales Models Are Overrated

Stop searching for the next new thing! Most sales organizations already have an abundance of sales knowledge. Their training binders prove it. Once a strategic process (e.g., account planning, customer analysis, territory management) and a tactical process (what to do when you’re face-to-face with the people the strategic process led you to) are in place, the organization is almost home! Why buy a new sales model when yours is fundamentally working? It’s time to start focusing on improving the execution of the strategies and tactics to which your sales team has been exposed. Do they really need another training session to tell them to ask more questions on sales calls? Perhaps they should be learning how to dramatically improve how they ask questions.

It’s All About Changing Behavior

Customers won’t change until managers and reps do!

  • Understanding the process of behavior change is critical to being a master sales rep or sales manager. The steps to behavior change are:
    • Understand the skills and knowledge needed for success
    • Detect the nuances in behavior from poor to excellent execution of skills (both managers and reps need to be great at detection)
    • Understand the gap between expected behavior and current skill level
    • Correct behavior from current level to desired level (after manager demonstrates)
    • Monitor and adapt behavior during the sales call

Sweat the Small Stuff

Nuances matter! The steps may be simple in a typical face-to-face sales call—there’s an opening, asking questions, talking about your product, and a commitment step. If it’s so simple, then why do most sales calls get lost within the first 27 seconds? The nuances of the sales process are what separate good sales reps from great ones. You need a highly talented team to meet your goals. There’s a reason the top pro golfers are at the driving range—even after a record round!

Calling All Managers

Managers must be able to coach! Managers’ priority is to develop their sales reps—not just to manage sales spreadsheets or attend corporate meetings. Even the best reps don’t always know what they’re doing or what’s working or not working. That’s why they can’t always articulate best practices. Sales numbers don’t tell the entire story. Sales managers need to be active coaches and role models. To do this they must develop fantastic detection skills and the ability to coach improvement in others.

Reinforcement Is a Must

Don’t flush incremental improvement down the drain! Eighty-seven percent (87%) of what training participants learn is forgotten within four weeks if it is not reinforced. To help sales reps and managers improve, we incorporate real-world application. Sustaining skill enhancement through reinforcement is critical. We have developed first-class online and classroom tools to ensure improvement is maintained long after a training event.                         Home  -  About  -  Clients  -  Solutions

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We conducted a four-year study to identify proven methods of securing both the launch and the long-term sales success of new products. The study examined the product launch efforts of companies in industries as diverse as aerospace and pharmaceuticals.

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