Sales & Marketing Alignment

Improving the Alignment Between Marketing and Sales

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) determined that new product introduction failures stem from missing the market rather than technology or supply issues. They conclude that “missing the market occurred when the problem solver was not put in direct contact with the person or the problem.”

Salespeople report:

  • Sales materials are are too product centric (51% agree)
  • Sales tools don’t match customer buying cycle (28% agree)
  • Massages  don’t sound like customer conversations (26% agree)
    (sales and marketing magazine, 2013)

A four-year study by Sales Rampage Inc. uncovered that launch success could be greatly increased by:

  • Working with Marketing to switch from a “we’ll build it and see who wants it” to a “we solve customer problems” approach to product development (known as an “outside-in approach). This includes working with outside agencies supporting the Marketing function.
  • Teaching the sales force how to use business acumen to “poke” customers with financially-based questions that challenge the potential customer’s understanding of the status quo. This information is driven by marketing research into customer issues.
  • Building customer-facing material that is aligned with a problem focus instead of a features focus. This assures that the sales force does not have to translate features into problems when on a call. (Research indicates a 40% drop in questioning by salespeople when they discuss a new product.)

This process has demonstrated results of 130% of launch goal and 20% margin increases.

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