Training Solutions

Rampage develops customer training solutions to fit the unique needs of each customer. Our solutions range from tactical selling (face-to-face or phone calls with customers) to strategic selling (getting to the right customers). The following are just a few examples of focused solutions we offer.

Intermediate Sales Tactics

This program is designed for practicing critical face-to-face and phone skills to drive behavior change in your team. The content is applicable to any rep, and helps to ensure they are developing the essential selling skills necessary to create customer behavior change.

Program Objectives

  1. Raise the bar. Ensuring sales targets are hit
  2. Communicate the link between your products and emerging customer trends.
  3. Understand what influences customers and their decision-making process.
  4. Ramp up rep competencies to help influence your customers’ buying behavior.

This program is designed to take your current sales training to the next level by developing rep skill fluency in the crucial selling competencies.

Course content includes:

  • Stimulating Behavior Change in Others
  • Implementing Complex Selling Tactics – overview of a sales model
  • Creating Stimulating Openings – application exercises to develop fluency
  • Probing for What Really Matters to the Customer – what is not working with the current probes 
  • Telling a Compelling Story – about your company and offering
  • Ensuring Commitment – so the customer has some skin in the game
  • Honing Skills – through practice, practice, practice

Advanced Sales Tactics

We created this course to develop 6th-degree black belt sales reps. To ensure your top reps continue to hone their skills, the following components are introduced in this course:

  • Positioning for strength and control of the sales cycle.
  • Shortening sales and negotiation cycle times.
  • Learning the “big picture” and key business drivers for targeted accounts.
  • Understanding what influences a customer’s cash flow and profitability.
  • Developing advanced communication skills to talk in the customer’s language.
  • Understanding how to build credibility with the critical decision makers.
  • Developing an awareness of why it is essential to call at all levels in targeted accounts.
  • Learning and practicing new thinking skills: analysis, evaluation, and ability to synthesize.
  • Components for advanced modules are customized depending on the particular needs of target groups.

Formats range from half-day to two-day modules, depending on the areas of development.

Coaching Sales Excellence

The sales management team is critical to ensure the ongoing success of your team’s development process. Sales managers must be able to model and execute the skills they are evaluating in sales reps. Sales managers are also your eyes and ears in the field and need to ensure targeted skills are being developed and routinely practiced.

Program Objectives

  • Strengthen sales revenue growth through effective Sales Coaching.
  • Reinforce previous sales training and ensure success of future interventions.
  • Review Field Coaching and practice detection skills through video and audio sales scenarios.
  • Increase Sales Coaching fluency through extensive role-plays and feedback from facilitators.
  • Identify development opportunities and develop coaching plans.
  • Increase individual skill fluency in tactical selling.


A manager’s ability to coach is essential to the development of sales teams. While managers may have been all-star reps themselves, they may not be great at setting behavior-based objectives, detecting verbal and nonverbal communication, giving feedback, and/or motivating their reps to improve.

Our initial coaching session focuses on explaining the coaching methodology and increasing the coach’s skill detection level. Coaches must be able to distinguish great openings, probes, and product tells from average ones. They must be able to articulate desired skills and model expert behavior.

C-Level Strategic Sales Training

This program immerses participants in the stages of C-Suite Selling—from obtaining information about the prospect to the final presentation to win the business. It is ideal for reps and/or account managers in complex selling situations.

Prior to the session, participants are asked to bring information about an actual prospect. During the program, participants are presented with a customized case study and asked to work in groups of five or six. Participants move through four phases of C-Suite Strategic Selling in this working session, which includes role-plays of sales calls to the C-Suite and other key players inside customer accounts. Debriefing is conducted after each phase and culminates in an application exercise focusing on each participant’s prospect.

C-Suite Skill Building Laboratory (Follow-Up Training)

This laboratory is a two-day extensive skill-building session utilizing videotaping and expert feedback to fine-tune C-Suite selling, presenting, and negotiating skills. The focus is on immediate customer application in participants’ territories.

Linking Brand Marketing to Sales

Too often, marketers are pulled in so many directions they don’t have the time to reflect on the most meaningful value story their brand can tell. Competing and sometimes conflicting priorities make it difficult to tease out the important from the urgent. So a year goes by with a host of activities being completed, but with little measurable progress to show for the exhausting effort. At the core of the problem is the lack of a simple construct to plan and guide strategic objectives for sustainable brand growth.

The goal of this hands-on working session is to cut through the chaos, sharpen the Brand Marketing manager’s focus, and drive toward measurable outcomes using straightforward tools. The result is a clear aim for the brand and the brand team enabling prioritization, planning, and execution.

We start by taking a look at where the brand stands in its life cycle and where the bulk of its customers sit in the adoption curve. Most mature brands enjoy a position of incumbency with customers at some level of implementation. And most sales and marketing teams fail to leverage this position rather than mobilizing it to do two key things:

Expand Use

  • Identify additional populations who may benefit from the brand.
  • Identify expanded customer needs the brand supports.

Build Competitive Immunity

  • Reinforce certainty and predictability of habit.
  • Heighten concern for risk of change.
  • Seed objections for competitors.

This program provides a critical path for marketers to follow toward a defined target. It guides real work across the Marketing operation and provides tangible direction to align Sales.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating is fundamental to a sales teams ability to maintain margin and reduce sales cycle time. We propose a customized approach that reduces your team’s time out of the field. This program focuses on:

  • Positioning for strength and control of the negotiation
  • Questioning techniques to uncover the buyers real needs and/or issues
  • Concession strategies that maintain margin and customer acceptance
  • Self-monitoring skills that assure mistakes in negotiations are immediately corrected
  • Tactics and defense techniques
  • Individual and team negotiation strategies


  1. Online Module — Introduces key intellectual property and principles for successful negotiations. The design combines instructor-led exercises and advanced assessment techniques to accelerate and improve learning.
  2. Application Module — Put newly acquired knowledge, concepts, and principles to use in one-on-one negotiations. Participants conduct real negotiations in a virtual classroom that are recorded for review and self-critique during the session.
  3. Reinforcement Module(s) — Follow-on online sessions with groups or individuals to reinforce concepts presented.

Don’t Waste My Time®

If you want to take your presentations and delivery to the next level, Don’t Waste My Time® is the answer. This course is taught in one or two sessions and helps participants improve how they communicate ideas and information. Since presentations are at the heart of selling, after this training participants show immediate improvement with more responsive, engaged audiences and more focused and powerful presentation content. Don’t Waste My Time® also teaches the essential skills of thinking on your feet, handling difficult people, conducting effective teleconferences and webinars, and controlling question and answer sessions.

The following content is included in the course:

    • Planning – Hope and prayers don’t make effective presentations…plan intensely, present effortlessly.
    • Opening and Closing – Logic doesn’t drive behavior change. You need to stimulate the audience to move.
    • Creating Stimulating and Engaging Presentations – You can’t ignore the basics of a solid outline.
    • Using Media Successfully – Help prevent death-by-PowerPoint.
    • Increasing Comfort and Confidence – Whether presenting to internal or external customers, presentation behavior matters.
    • Introducing New Initiatives and Projects – Introduce something new without cannibalizing your core business.
    • Handling “Challenging” Scenarios – Keep customers engaged in even the most challenging situations.

Online and Reinforcement Training

Online training is a key component of the Rampage product offerings. Here’s why:

  1. Blended learning allows concepts to be introduced online and subsequent class time to be spent on extensive practice and feedback.
  2. Online follow-up provides reinforcement so you don’t lose 87% of your training investment. And it allows for accelerated learning while your sales team is back in the field.

Reducing time out of the field or off the phone helps you continue growing sales while introducing new content or reinforcing training. Our online tools are designed to work within your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or we can act as your online services provider.

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